Master Subham Rewar


Tested and trusted evidences noticeably suggest that extracurricular activities at school provide the students a competitive yet safe and sound environment for growth and legitimate opportunities for honing their skills, goals and determination. Therefore, we at SGA offer our students a wide range of diverse and exciting activities that help them grow personally and professionally as they journey into adulthood. We also offer a unique blend of traditional and modern sports by empowering the students with the capabilities to develop and enhance their new skills and talents.
Archery, one of the oldest sports known to men, has evolved and grown into a very fascinating sports activity of SGA over the years. It is helping them improve their balance, stability, hand-eye coordination, build confidence and self awareness, and thereby improving their emotional health and well being.
One of our vibrant archers, Master Shubham Rewar, has achieved a remarkable feat winning the gold medal in Hanuman Open Archery tournament (Under 19 category). Displaying the excellent accuracy of modern equipment and the greatest dexterity of hand, he drew and released the string with unparallel precision to win the gold medal in Chandigarh Open Archery Tournament (under 19 category). It is a matter of immense pride for all of us that he is going to represent the school in National Tournament organized by CBSE in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on November 3.