Vivek Singhania-Vice Chairman

Vivek Singhania (Vice Chairman)

Full civic participation and economic advancement in the modern times has put before us a big challenge of true education. Today, the educational institution has become a battlefield where most of the energy is spent on providing a perfect opportunity to help children pursue their passion and the right place to showcase their skills and talents. Their personal interest has completely taken a back seat. Such rush and race are growing at a good pace, as people have started enjoying this situation. I am glad to see that ours is not in that feeling of outdoing others in whatever manner possible. I am happy to see that every child gets equal the opportunity which they color with their outstanding talent. Time is taken out to compose their thoughts and achievements towards honing their skill matters most and must not be ignored at any phase. School life is that phase of life which makes you conscious of where you are to where you are to where you want to be. Hunting that is all about arming you with commitment, honesty, hard work, egoless attitude, deep aptitude and perseverance and above all, having a penetrating eye to see

through opportunities. From its inception in July 2010, SGA has been striving to make a name for itself in the field of education in terms of laying a near-perfect Infrastructure for academic excellence coupled with a constructive and progressive framework for various co-curricular activities. The vision of this institution is laced with the desire to groom students into responsible, hard-working and creative individuals. This entails a lot more beyond classroom teaching, and to instill these qualities in children has been the constant endeavor of the management and the staff members. I am equally proud and happy to mention that my team is my biggest source of strength and together we have pledged to work hand in hand. I am confident of securing what I seek and It is my promise that I will not let anyone down.