Director's Message

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shandilya

Education is the process of facilitating learning and acquisition of knowledge of knowledge, skills, competencies, values, belief, right and rituals, customs, culture & ethics.

Education does not mean only to transfer knowledge of some subjects to earn a livelihood, it is also concerned with the sharpening of the brain, shaping of character & holistic development of child's personality.

Value-based education leads to a healthy society & healthy nation. Without values, education leads to corruption, anti-social & anti-national activities. In the absence of values, we do not know about do's and don'ts, right and wrong. We do not know how to behave with elders, youngers & equals, how to deal with nature and culture, where to urinate, where to defecate and where to throw garbage. One of the lofty aims of education is to shape young individuals into a value enriched proud citizen, with the help of value-added education so that they can serve the nation as a Doctor, an Engineer, Writer, Journalist, Artist, Scientist, Civil Servant, Leader & Defence Personnel.

The future roadmap would be based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). At present we are talking about E-schooling, E-classroom, E-books, E-library, and in daily life, we see E-shopping, E-banking, E-ticketing etc.

We should be ready to imbibe E-style of schooling.

Singhania Global Academy is a pace setting institute in the school education system and is known to cater to the educational needs of children by adopting innovative teaching technology, methodology, pedagogy and to inculcate value enriched knowledge in the learners who are going to be a proud and dedicated citizen of the nation.